Hello Lovelies,

As the New Year begins to get closer with each day, now at the 29th of December in 2017, I thought it was time to reflect, and recap on 2017 as a whole. 2017 threw some significant challenges my way throughout the course of the year being my final year of schooling, however, 2017 was also the most wonderful year for new beginnings, new comings, positive changes, and positives challenges that were brought into my life in the last twelve months. I had a year that ranged from illness, to gratitude, to graduation, to travel and to overall happiness. Although unfortunately I spent time in and out of being unwell, and having faced other personal issues, on the outer exterior my life became a happier place for me to live in comfortably. From the beginning of Anthony and my relationship, to graduating high school, now leading onto new and exciting things.




2017, as years ahead will to I’m sure, gave me a twelve month period where I could truly find what I wanted to do with my future at the current moment. I was able to venture into the thought and discovery of many different path ways from event management, to teaching, to creative and professional writing to photography.

It gave me a sense of what my interests, hobbies and talents are, enabling me to make further decisions towards what I choose to do with my future in the next five years and so on. 2017 was a hard and strenuous year having been completing my final year of schooling and with that it brought its own challenges with the accompaniment of stress and anxiety.




Nonetheless, with these tiring weaknesses, I was able to gather strength from them to put towards my personal growth in how I deal with my anxiety and stress levels when faced with such challenges. Being admitted into hospital several times for different reasons this year did unfortunately make school, assignments and exams extremely hard to keep up with and missing school due to this meant it was not so simple to continue on with each day as if it was any normal school day. However, in the end I graduated and got my certificate and found that through it all this year was something so wonderful, I graduated, got my P’s, started dating Anthony, got the OP I wanted, got an early offer to QUT, and so much more like formal etc.




I hope everyone had a wonderful 2017, whether you were faced with challenges or your year was filled with positivity. I wish you luck in the New Year to come and will now be back to posting every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break my lovelies and will see you soon!

Maddison Jayne xo




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