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Summer is always the time of year for me where it is hard to choose whether to stay indoors in the aircon, take a luxury lush bath and watch Christmas movies, or go outside and go to the beach or make the effort to go for a run along the boardwalk or even play Ping-Pong in the backyard with my family. I always find so many things to do in Summer and never get to do them all so I thought I would take today as an advantage to write a list of all the things you should do when Summer comes around.




Things You Should Do While Summer Is Still Here


  1. Go to the beach with family or friends.
  2. Go to a national park or somewhere where you can go on nature walks or a hike.
  3. Go to a waterfall for the day and swim under it.
  4. Go find rock pools and lagoons and spend the day snorkelling.
  5. Go on road trips to the coast with your friends listening to summer hits on Spotify.
  6. Go for a walk along the ocean front and eat ice cream after hot chips of course.
  7. Put up a volleyball net, badminton net, or Ping-Pong table to enjoy over the summer with family and friends in the backyard.
  8. Have a summer barbecue with your friends.
  9. Go do something thrill seeking like skydiving.
  10. Go have a picnic on the beach or at a park with friends.
  11. Get together a group of friends to go on a bike ride with around town.
  12. Enjoy a breakfast in your backyard under the morning sun, maybe even make fresh orange juice!
  13. Take your pet on a walk or even to the beach if there are any dog beaches near you.
  14. Make a bunch of fresh juices for the week.
  15. Go to an amusement or theme park.
  16. Take advantage of the aircon and stay inside watching movies all day while eating a bowl of your favourite summer fruits.
  17. Make a new salad recipe you found.
  18. Treat yourself to a spa day and finish with an organic orange juice and cheese platter.


What is the one thing you love doing during the Summer time?

Maddison Jayne xo



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