Hello Lovelies,

‘Even though your femininity is about beauty, in some ways it is truly about a way of life. To be satisfied and confident in who you are and especially your body is a way of life rather than a step by step beauty wonder.’ – Victoria Harris.



Femininity …

is something as women we need to embrace, but by saying this, I am not talking about the 60’s feminists who started rally’s for equal rights and the right to not shave our legs, although there is nothing wrong with either of those things, when I talk about embracing my femininity, I mean the way in which as a woman, I have confidence in myself to accept who I am, give myself the freedom of choosing what I define as beauty and inspiring myself to become prouder of who I am each and everyday. Throughout the ages femininity has been classed as many different things with many definitions that some women agree with and some women disagree with, but in a world of true femininity it is in fact to each of their own opinions to define what their femininity is.

Feminism …

is no cult or race against men in my opinion, it is simply an act of self-love and self-worth. Following on from my mum, my grandmother and my aunties, embracing your femininity is respecting your own values and goals. Tapping into your feminist side is to be able to follow your own path despite the opinions of others, of whom do not matter. Embracing ones femininity is to embrace ones true inner beauty and the way she presents her inner beauty on the outside, despite the fact that she may wear a full face of makeup, only put on mascara, wear tinted mascara, do a tinted eyebrow, wear a nice lippy or simply wear no makeup at all, as this does not define her ‘feminist qualities’.


taking a feminist approach is what women follow out as a definition of themselves, to be defined as entrepeneurs, business women, beauty icons, authors, journalists, critics, vets, doctors, small business owners, YouTubers, bloggers, internet famous, inspirers, influences, or just a girl who wants to travel the world and starts working, writing a blog and saving every penny while wearing her favourite mascara each and everyday to feel beauty and happiness in her own definition of femininity. EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE GIRL,  be you, do you, do what you want and be with those who allow this to happen for you, I cannot express how thankful I am for the ones who I surround myself with, always inspiring me to grow and do me, so choose a life for your own girl, embrace that femininity and do you!


How do you embrace your femininity girl?

Maddison Jayne xo


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