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January went and came quicker than I could blink my eyes and I am still somehow writing 2017 when it should be 2018 and its now February! January was both calming, and stressful all at once, I did so much in 31 days it is hard to belive just how quickly it flew past. I loved so much in one month, from my photography to my constant chocolate cravings (thanks hormones…) to affirmations, detox’s, The Great Australian Bake Off, Anthony and I binge watch it likes its going out of fashion, and Moodle puppies, I am totally obsessed with them. Health wise January could have been better, hormone and emotion wise, it was kind of a storm of up and downs, on the other hand, I made some really wonderful memories from my trip to Agnes with Anthony, spending time down at Woodgate with my best friend Ashley, going on walks and having a few gal nights here and there with my other best friend Brittany and just enjoying the start of a new year. So many exciting things also happened January from starting my new job and working out what I will be studying, deciding on college and so on. Here are a few of my January Favourites, enjoy!





Photography has really been the thing I have focused most on coming into the new year and throughout January I was utterly obsessed with snapping everything I possibly could from plants to my favourite cushion with magazines on it, to Anthony, very much to his displease at most times… I am just so in love with photography at the moment and it gives me the pleasure that I can now look back on a day remember it not only from memory but visually. To do with my blog I have wanted to improve my photography for my blog posts and I feel as though I am slowly getting there, and my now obsessive love for it only makes it more fun and me more passionate.

Loving Earth Creamy Mylk Chocolate

Okay let’s talk cravings girls, am I the only one when I am super hormonal that wants to eat all the chocolate she can get her hands on? Is that just me? Being a health food loverrr, I love splurging on Loving Earth Creamy Mylk Chocolate, I think I ate a solid .5kg in one month, thank goodness its made of superfoods! It was honestly my one true love in January (sorry Anthony) and probably will be in February too because I just crave it all the time.

Affirmation |Books




At the start of every year I do my best to be positive and in years passing this did not happen, however this year I was completely determined to remain positive and open-minded when I found myself struggling or in a bad place. Something that really got me through and helped me get on with things were affirmation, mindfulness and motivation books, as well as reading affirmation quotes on a daily basis. This has helped me a great deal and I will most definitely be continuing this routine as the months go on throughout the year as it really changed me into thinking positively in situations and giving me a better and more open mindset to situations instead of crumbling into anxiety mode. My most beloved book is one I only just bought towards the end of January which is called The Art Of Wellbeing by Meredith Gaston. My favourite affirmations at the moment are,

‘breathe’|’interrupt anxiety with gratitude’|’enjoy the little things’|’start somewhere’|’purpose fuels passion’|’get up and get started’|’girl, you totally got this’|’old ways wont open new doors’.


Firstly, I just want to say thank you to Lush for being the reason I got so many bath bombs for Christmas. If there was one thing I did almost everyday in January, it was have a Lush bath. I cannot even name a favourite but if I had to I would say the Avobath bath bomb and the Twilight bath bomb are my absolute bath time loves. Having baths are usually my favourite thing to do in Winter but this year I just felt so relaxed by ending my day with a bath, popping in a bath bomb and a bit of bubble bar and sinking down into the warm water covered by a mountain of bubbles.

Social Media Detox




In the middle of January I took a social media detox and now I cannot recommend it enough, I just stopped going on to Instagram, Facebook, my blog and other apps obsessively and basically just took sometime to be me without having to worry about posting every five minutes, and honestly I couldn’t be happier that I did it. It was something I always wanted to do but thought it would be too hard but it was the complete opposite, sure I worried about my blog the first day but after that it didn’t even cross my mind. Don’t get me wrong, blogging and being on social media is something I love doing but it was so nice to just detox from it and take a little break away from the world and get off of my phone.





Throughout the month of January I was obsessed with three pieces of jewellery which were added to my accessories almost everyday. The three pieces I was obsessed with were my Lokai bracelet, Pandora bracelet and Christian Paul watch, these pieces are flawlessly stunning with any outfit.


When I mention skincare I actually mean something I havent used this month is any skincare products, I used the basics yes but I loved giving my skin a whole month to breathe and really clear out my pores. This is something I know want to do more regularly and something I also loved in January was finding the right products that match my skin type and are not too harsh on my face.

Moodle Puppies




Okay so this is kind of a big one, all month Anthony and I have been obsessing and I mean OBSESSING over Moodles, Moodles are a Maltese cross with a Poodle and all month we have been looking at these pups, talking about how we cannot wait to call one our baby when we move into our own place. I have now made an entire Pinterest board dedicated to these sweet pups and am so in love with the idea of having one someday soon, why be a parent to children when you can be a mum and dad to a Moodle?! I just wanted to share with you guys my absolute favourite thing in January, because I’ll be honest with you, instead of looking at houses, Anthony and I just looked at Moodle puppies… if you ask me what better way to spend the first month of a new year than to look at dogs?

The Great Australian Bake Off

The one thing Anthony and I binged in January was The Great Australian Bake Off, also known as the GABO (inside joke for any season two lovers), when I say binged I mean watched the whole of season two in two days and are now onto bingeing season three as it comes out. We got so into it, Anthony more than me, I sat there eating chocolate as he screamed at the bakers and crying over Antonio, Italians have to stick together apparently… it was honesty so fun lying on the couch getting into The GABO. We basically looked like a married couple, drinking our tea while intently watching the number of bakers in the shed go from twelve to three, I have never seen so many emotions in one bake-off shed, and you know what, I think we are going to do it all over again in February. Definitely my top January favourite.


What were your January favourites?

Maddison Jayne xo








  1. February 3, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    Nice pictures~~

  2. February 5, 2018 / 6:14 am

    I love reading your favourites! I can see how much effort you have been putting into your photos and all your hard work is paying off! xx

    • February 5, 2018 / 9:28 am

      Aww thank you so much Chloe! That means so much as I’m really working hard! Thank you xx

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