Hello Lovelies,

So this is actually my first year having a Valentine, is it just me or are Valentine’s Day gifts the hardest decision to make? Am I the only one that looked everywhere for the perfect gift and still struggled? I love Valentine’s Day, all this fuss just as an excuse to splurge all your money on your loved one and eat chocolate covered strawberries, so glad I get to do this for and with you Anthony. Why not go out and get your significant other something they will absolutely adore, whether it’s for him or her, chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, all things sweet, all things adorable, it just screams love on Valentine’s Day doesn’t it? I hope you have the most wonderful day with your special someone, treat them like they deserve, go out of your way to make them smile even if it is just a cute pun card, Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies, take this excuse of a perfect day to delve into the perfect day for you and your loved one, soak up the love! Here are some little luxuries for your girl or guy, aren’t the Little Spoon and Big Spoon pjs just the cutest!




For Her

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For Him

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner you need the perfect date night, but why spend much when you can create the perfect moment as just the two of you at home?

Date Ideas


  • Watching  Netflix on a rainy day eating your favourite chocolate
  • having a picnic at your favourite spot with some orange juice, fruit salad and chocolate chips
  • Make homemade pizza, grab a bottle of sparking water or some champagne perhaps and head down to the beach front for a romantic date
  • Go to a nature park and go on a hike together, date your boyfriend to piggy back you all the way up and then sit and take photos together at the top of the mountain
  • Go for a drive and pump the radio loud and sing to your favourite songs, go on a spontaneous road trip together
  • Try a recipe you have never made before together, have a food fight and dance in the kitchen, you will be surprised at just how fun cooking together can be
  • Fill the back of your car with pillows and blankets and go somewhere and stargaze
  • Go to a local market or farmers market together
  • Take a bath together, pop in a bathbomb, some bath oils and flower petals, light the bathroom up with your favourite candles and put on your favourite playlist
  • Go skinny dipping, or recreate your first date, which ever you would prefer


What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Maddison Jayne xo





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