How To Deal With Anxiety Outbursts

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Something I feel necessary to talk about is not anxiety itself but the outbursts of anxiety we all experience throughout a normal day whether we are feeling positive or negative. Being someone who knows that short outbursts of anxiety can completely throw your day off track and make you want to crawl back into your cozy bed and not move again other than for food if you are really feeling like eating, anxiety outbursts are sometimes something that cannot be controlled but for me, having them from everyday to once a week to a few times a month then back to three times a day, I have worked out a few ways to deal with these ups and downs. Nothing is worse than feeling like you can’t pick yourself back up after these moments of nervousness, anxiousness, or stress, it feels like you are just now on a dull low for the rest of the day until tomorrow morning, it truly is the worst feeling when you just feel not like yourself and are lacking the energy to get up and keep working on that project, go back to what you were doing, go to that social event or simply just finish eating a meal. Here are a few ideas that I know work for me and I hope you can find something here for you because no one wants to have short bursts of anxiety affect the rest of their day, there is nothing worse than a productive day being turned into a slump because of one anxious hiccup.




Listen To Upbeat and Positive Jams

You may not think so but listening to upbeat music always gets me back on my feet, whether I am on my own or with someone else I need to have a dance party to a good jamming song to lift my mood back up a little. Listening to upbeat music can lift your mood and make you feel more relaxed just jamming away singing with your fiends or by yourself just having fun whether its going on a road trip and listening to your favourite hits or simply just getting up and dancing on your feet in your bedroom, exerting energy like this will make your body feel more confident and motivated which will bring back some of that positivity energy you feel you are lacking.

Upbeat Playlists To Listen To

Happy Pop

Mood Booster

Young, Wild & Free


Do Something Creative

Getting creative or doing something you love like a hobby is the best medicine for anxiety and practising mindfulness. Start drawing, use a mindfulness colouring in book, read, write, workout, dance, paint, work on your blog, garden, read your favourite blogs or find some new blogs to read, just get creative, do what you love, and you will surely be finding yourself in a positive mindset feeling more motivated and happier, feeling a little less stressed and a little more fulfilled.



I never realised how important the technique of breathing right was during panic attacks until I found myself slowing down the duration of anxiety attacks, something someone I love very much taught me, is to focus on your breathing and your breathing only and with every breath count from one, it doesn’t matter if you have to count to hundred or a thousand, the main thing is to focus solely on your breathing. Breathe in, count one, breathe out, breathe in, count two, breathe out and so on. Using this technique I become calm much quicker when having a panic attack than I use to.


Read Positive Affirmations

Write down or read positive affirmations to pick yourself back up onto your feet. My favourite affirmations are listed in my blog post 12 Affirmations To Start Your Day Off Right.

Enjoy the little things. | Breathe. | Interrupt anxiety with gratitude. | Start somewhere. | Purpose fuels passion. | Get up and get started. | Girl, you totally got this. | Old ways won’t open new doors. | One day you will look back and see all along you were blossoming. | You can do anything but not everything. | Make yourself proud. | Find yourself and be that.




Small Things


  • Have a good laugh.
  • Have a cup of tea and sit in your favourite place.
  • Call someone you know will cheer you up.
  • Buy yourself some fresh flowers and occupy yourself by doing some gardening or watering your inside plants.
  • Go to your favourite store.
  • Put on a face mask.
  • Write a to do list – not for work, for yourself, write positive things to do either that day or things to look forward to doing on your weekend.
  • Go for coffee.
  • Have a bath, pop in some bath salts and lie back and let your mind and skin soak up the calmness and relaxation.
  • Hang out with your pet.
  • Wash your face or hair and do a skincare routine to refresh.
  • Find a new recipe to make and cook it for yourself, have a romantic dinner for one or for both you and your significant other or a friend.
  • Eat some chocolate, chocolate helps fix everything in most anxiety outburst moments.
  • Watch your favourite TV show or movie.
  • If you are at work, slow down your pace, take a moment to breathe, get up and go for a walk, get a drink of water and take a minute to re-gather your thoughts.


Blog Posts About Dealing With Anxiety

This blog posts about dealing with anxiety are from some of my absolute favourite bloggers who inspire me, these posts will give you even more advice on how to deal with your anxiety and make you realise it is okay to feel the way you do, everyone’s anxiety is and mental health is different and you are not the only one, but nonetheless you are strong and beautiful.


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What are some of your tips for dealing with anxiety outbursts?

Maddison Jayne xo





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