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Sunday’s are the days I spend finding new bloggers to follow, reading blog after blog searching for new inspiration and a new, lovely weekly read. Since I began my blogging journey I have been inspired by so many bloggers who have motivated me to work even harder than before on my blogging, photography and content. They have inspired me to start where I am, use what I have and do what I can. A blogger whom I have followed since pretty much day one of blogging is Mandy from A Girl Obsessed, who I now call a blogger friend and couldn’t be more blessed having such a wonderful, lovely and pure soul as a friend, motivator and inspiration. Mandy from A Girl Obsessed says she is ‘just a small town girl with a passion for finding beauty in the ordinary. This blog is where I share my love for the little things in life – finding the perfect lipstick, creating a peaceful morning routine, living a simple life focused on wellness and positivity. Follow along as I share my thoughts + tips on all things beauty, blogging, and simple living.’




Her Personality, Blogging & Style

Mandy’s blogging is personal and unique, each post has a lovely message behind it whether it’s beauty or lifestyle tips, or self-help and wellness. Mandy talks about Beauty, Blogging, Fashion, Lifestyle, Personal, TipsWellness. Mandy is such a wonderful soul, she is lovely to chat with, she always offers blogging help, tips for blogging or blog posts, advice and she is so genuine. Mandy as a blogger, is truly inspiring with such a distinctively unique and personal blogging style, Mandy through her blogging proves her beautiful nature and creative mind behind each blog post. Mandy explains that ‘A Girl, Obsessed is a blog for modern day girls obsessed with beauty, blogging, and living a beautiful life. New articles come out daily, and include beauty reviews, makeup tutorials, blogging tips, product roundups, outfit ideas, personal photography, and things that inspire me that I hope can inspire others as well.’


Top 5 Latest Blog Posts

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5 | An Introvert’s Guide To A Fun Night At Home


Blogger Interview

I was lucky enough to have a personal interview with Mandy whose friendship I cherish dearly within the world of blogging, I was able to ask her some blogging questions, here are her answers, enjoy lovelies!

What inspired you to start blogging?

“I’ve been running some form of a blog ever since I was in junior high. First it was mostly an online diary, then blogging became a way for me to share my homemade knitwear, and now its my space to share my love for beauty and inspire other women as well.”

When did you start blogging?

“I started my first blog when I was 13. It was on a website called Xanga, and I’m so glad they deleted all of their old blogs because I had some incredibly cringey, angst-filled posts haha.”

Who is a blogger that inspires you?

“I’m incredibly inspired by Kate La Vie. I love her fashion sense and the way she decorates her home is absolutely stunning.”

What is your favourite topic to blog about?

“I’ll always adore blogging about beauty, but lately I’ve really been enjoying writing about wellness, especially when it comes to mental health and self love. It means so much to me that something I write might help and encourage someone else.”

If you could give one tip of advice on blogging, what would it be?

“My best piece of blogging advice is to create a blog you yourself would love to read and would be excited to check daily.”


Mandy’s Social Media

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First of a new featured post, Blogger Inspired, Mandy Ferrugia from A Girl Obsessed.


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  1. February 26, 2018 / 9:17 am

    Thank you so much for this beautiful feature! I’m honored to be the person you chose to kick off this series with, and I’m so glad to have you as a new friend. xx

    • maddisondoolan
      February 26, 2018 / 9:18 am

      I’m so glad you loved it, I chose you because you inspire me and so am I 💕 xx

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