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Hello lovelies,

Last week I went to Brisbane with my mum for some much-needed girl time and to say the least, it was a fabulous time away, eating utterly delicious food, shopping until we dropped, literally, tripping around Chermside boutiques and getting lost in traffic between destinations. All in all it was a lovely getaway filled with laughter and shopping bags with the occasional pop ins from my gal pal Victoria and stop ins with my brother.




Day 1 | Wednesday


  • We got in the car at about 7am and drove down to Brisbane, stopping at my favourite local superfood bar first to get some much-needed breakfast, I went for a smoothie bowl of course!
  • We then spent around 4 hours in the car travelling to Brisbane, going through road works, stop signs and red lights all just to get in around 12pm and head straight into Chermside.
  • We had bagels from NYC bagels for lunch and as usual they were to die for, I got the same as always, grilled haloumi with rocket, avocado, sundried tomatoes, pesto and lime juice on a sunflower rye/wholemeal bagel.
  • After lunch we spent our time aimlessly wandering around store from store, buying a cute bow tie jumper from Zara, buying homeware and oodles of skincare.
  • We then drove ourselves over to Victoria’s place which from there we then were dropped off at Southbank to go to Fall Out Boy.
  • Victoria and I then spent a solid two hours listening to the screamo before act that only gave me a migraine and made me want Fall Out Boy to get her off the stage and come out straight away, however when Fall Out Boy did come out, I may have cried several times and lost both my voice, hearing and any feeling in my legs after having jumped up in down in a mosh pit for three hours.
  • Fall Out Boy was a completely unforgettable night, throwing arms in the air like we just don’t care singing sugar we’re going down swinging, so many people, such an incredible atmosphere, a truly unforgettable night seeing one of my favourite bands.
  • Victoria and I then made our way across to South Bank to go to Max Brenner with my mum and brother, after this we only ended up getting back around 11:30 so as you imagine I fell asleep instantly.



Day 2 | Thursday


  • Thursday was spent with an early wake up for a weekend, so by early wake up I mean 9:00am. Mum, Victoria and I then headed over to Chermside where we went to Cocobliss for some good old smoothie bowls for breakfast, they were oh so filling but oh so good.
  • We then spent hours aimlessly walking around shop after shop with my Godmother who had come to meet us, let’s just say the day was full of fun, laughter, banter, bagels, shopping bags and raw treats.
  • We had lunch at NYC Bagels again before heading on Friday and then spent a good half an hour in Bath & Body Works looking for the perfect room spray, I chose the Focus Eucalyptus & Tea Pillow Mistwhich isn’t technically a ‘room spray’ but I just adore the scent and it makes me feel much more energetic and revitalised after spraying it.
  • We then took our time with around ten back and forth trips to H&M Home to find the perfect cushions.
  • After hours of shopping at Chermside we got lost in Brisbane traffic on the way to my brother’s house, from there we picked him up and drove to Eaton’s Hill Tavern where he saw David Duchovny, whilst Mum and I had a dinner with two entrée’s and then made our way back to Chermside again for some late night girl time and shopping in home decor stores.
  • After waiting in the car for three hours back at the tavern for the concert to end, we drove back and took a much-needed sleep before driving home on Friday morning, arriving back in town just after lunch time.



Maddison Jayne xo


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