7 Reasons To Take A Step Back And Unplug

Hello lovelies,

Lately I have been extremely busy just with life in general from moving into an apartment off and on, to working on my social media, working on my blog and just having the usual responsibilities that come along with life when you are no longer in high school. It got to a stage where I felt a complete burn out go through me and as I felt more overwhelmed with all that was going on, I thought it was time to unplug. I went to Brisbane for a girls weekend with my mum and for the duration of the trip I unplugged and did my best to get my head around everything going on and all round just take a break from the constant need of daily blogging and social media.




Unplugging from your laptop, your phone or whatever it is on social media or the internet that keeps you busy, is so so important that I cannot genuinely stress it enough. Although I love my social media and I love blogging daily, sometimes the stresses of life outside of this calls for a detox.


7 Reasons To Step Back And Unplug

1 | Find inspiration in the real world, from books, from cafe’s and coffee stores, yourself and your loved ones, listening to a new sound or song or podcast.

2 | Unplugging gets you back into nature and searching for something new, you can find motivation and inspiration indoors or outdoors.

3 | Be more present in society and take in what is going on around you without finding it out online.

4 | Find a new hobby, read books, not screens, write words in a book, join a yoga or dance class instead of watching an online yoga video.

5 | Connect with those close to you without connecting online, take more time to have a conversation and talk for a while over a coffee or brunch without touching your phone.

6 | Take time to plan offline, instead of using Google calendars and online notepads and reminders, write down your goals, your plans and to do lists on paper, sort your schedule out and plan ahead for down the track.

7 | Regroup your overwhelmed thoughts and stresses, practise some mindfulness activities outside of your four walls like going for a nature walk, going to your favourite place or cafe and simply sitting and taking in the surroundings.


What do you do when you unplug?

Maddison Jayne xo



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