How To Feel Motivated Again

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Motivation is something I talk about and encourage with a very high intent for the need to improve and benefit the motivation of others. Getting motivated can be one of the hardest things after experiencing a blogger slump, continuously finding new content is something  that can sometimes be hard when considering what your viewers want to see and read, hoping that the content you put up is something that they will like. As a blogger sometimes when life gets in the way of plans, it can become overwhelmingly stressful with aiming to put up a new blog post here and there.




However in this blogging slump, it doesn’t mean you can’t use these issues as new ideas, something I find in blogging slumps is that I can actually find positivity in my self negativity and create content and blog ideas about how to overcome these things like a regular blogger slump which we all know happens to all of us at some point, especially when you are new to the blogger world sometimes these things can get overwhelming when growing your traffic and blog.  Something important to remember is you are probably not the only one going through a blogging slump so motivate yourself by motivating others!


How To Feel Motivated Again


1 | Read up on your favourite bloggers to find inspiration within their current posts.

2 | Look for a post about finding inspiration for blogging or blogging ideas for when you don’t know what to do.

3 | Use what you have, think of something going on in your life or a topic you want to discuss and just brainstorm all the things related to that topic.

4 | Talk to some bloggers, the best thing about thew blogging community is so many bloggers are happy to talk to you and give you help with your blog, ask if they have any ideas or suggestions for your content or blog.

5 | Round up some new bits and pieces for photography, take a bunch of photos, go outside and take them, the best thing is when you take a photo of something and then from there you can write a blog post on a product, a book or it might spark an idea for a new blog post.

6 | Watch some youtube videos, haul and review videos are always good for blog posts too!

7 | Take some me time and take a notepad, sitting or being in your favourite place or with your favourite people could give you some inspiration to jot down a few new ideas.

8 | Talk to your best friend and brainstorm ideas together, you will be surprised by the amount of ideas one girl can come up with, I always go straight to my girls Victoria and Brittany.

9 | Just act confident, talk about what gets you motivated and you will motivate others, think of ways to re-motivate yourself, and when you motivate yourself think of how you can motivate other people!



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How do you get motivated again when you are going through a blogger slump?

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