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Something I am totally obsessed with and loving this month are Mental Health apps. Mental Health is something we all need to talk about and is something that can affect our everyday lives, but when put into a positive perspective, our mental health can become our best friend. Mental Health apps are becoming more and more popular and I am definitely all for the trend of them, Mental Health is what keeps our wellness up to date, practising mindfulness is the key to having a calmer persona and helps assist mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD and so on.




Why I Use Them

I use Mental Health and Mindfulness apps everyday to keep myself up to date with my wellbeing, I find that using daily check in’s and breathing techniques with the meditation session here and there calm my anxiety when it is on high. Before I found Mental Health and Mindfulness apps I would be out in a place and find that I was getting anxious or overwhelmed or have terrible OCD, and then have to get in the car and drive home because I couldn’t handle the level of anxiety in my body, however, now I just check in or practise a breathing technique on the go and I feel fine within minutes. Mental health apps are my go to’s this month and now that I have found them I don’t think I will stop using them. I use them on a daily basis to keep my wellbeing and wellness up to date.


Mental Health Apps I Am Using This Month




Breathe | Stop, Breathe & Think

Tide | Be Calm & Mindful With Nature

Calm | Meditation and Sleep Stories

Headspace | The Mindfulness Meditation App

Smiling Mind | Health & Fitness

Pacifica |Anxiety & Depression Help

Mind Journey | Meditation & Mindfulness Suite

Lake | Relax & Paint The Stress Away


My Favourite This Month




Breathe | Stop, Breathe & Think


Breathe is my go to app daily, the thing I love about Breathe is that you can do daily check in’s on how you are feeling both physically and mentally. The app takes you through a process where you start by assessing how you are feeling physically by choosing from the options of great, good, meh, poor or rough, you then assess mentally how you are feeling by selecting one of the same options listed. You then can choose your emotions under these headings, once you have chosen up to five emotions from any options the app then processes your results and then gives you a list of meditations to do or you can select to do your own meditation or breathing timer. You then get a ‘My Progress’ where you get stickers for awards as mental health progress and sessions you complete, it calculates your check ins, your weekly settledness, your top emotions, top meditation. The app offers all kinds of meditation sessions from body scanning to sleep well to acupressure to anything you can think of, it really is a wonderful app and something I am in love with and love getting to use everyday.


What is your favourite mental health or mindfulness app? Do you use mental health apps?

Maddison Jayne xo



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