Hello lovelies,

My name is Maddison and I am the owner of Maddison Jayne. I live in Queensland Australia and am totally obsessed with my blog and writing content that you hunnies will like. I graduated from high school last year in 2017 and am now focusing on my blog day in and day out. I am soon to be studying a Diploma of Event Management. I have been pondering over the idea to start a blog for somewhere to chat about Lifestyle, Wellness, Beauty, Blogging, Travel and Food! I cannot wait to hopefully have you lovely people join me alongside the growth of my blog site. My posts will be going up every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, you can subscribe by email just underneath on the left if you want to be updated when a new post comes out! I hope this blog is one you can find helpful advice and just a good read in, have a wonderful day lovely.

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